Ball Pythons in my opinion are the ideal snake to work with.  They come in a variety of pattern and color mutations and the potential for creating new designer snakes is endless.  They are the perfect size... not too big and not too small with an average length of 3-4 feet.  This allows breeders to efficiently house multiple animals in a relatively small space.  They are also very docile and easy to handle.  They flourish when their basic needs are met and breed very well in captivity.  As the hobby of breeding snakes grows, more and more people are attracted to this species.  In the recent past the cost of some of these animals was beyond the means of many including myself.  As the prices come down and adjust to market conditions more and more hobbyist will be able to enjoy working with these amazingly beautiful reptiles.  Please look below for a few examples of single and combination mutations I am working with.  -Oz


0.1AlbinoPied-1.JPG (372797 bytes)

Albino Pied

0.1AlbinoPied-2.JPG (409011 bytes)

Albino Pied

0.1AlbinoPied-3.JPG (398192 bytes)

Albino Pied

ODEnchi-3.JPG (152102 bytes)

Orange Dream Enchi

LesserClownM-3.JPG (396647 bytes)

Lesser Clown

misc 017.JPG (393101 bytes)

Orange Dream Tiger

misc 095.JPG (352109 bytes)

Barnhart-Line YB Onyx

misc 141.JPG (387074 bytes)

Orange Dream Queen Bee

misc 080.JPG (369521 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Yellow Belly Fire

SuperODYB-1.JPG (91573 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Yellow Belly

SuperODYB-3.JPG (79865 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Yellow Belly

SuperODYB-2.JPG (86894 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Yellow Belly

Puma007.JPG (61466 bytes)


misc 093.JPG (379269 bytes)

Lesser Dream Bee

misc 024.JPG (381882 bytes)

Pastel Puzzle

YBDBNana-3.JPG (65154 bytes)

Orange Dream Yellow Belly Banana

misc 089.JPG (98056 bytes)

Dream Bee

ODNana-3.JPG (60745 bytes)

Orange Dream Banana

Screamer-1.JPG (353179 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Fire Spider

Screamer-2.JPG (357708 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Fire Spider

Screamer-3.JPG (364227 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Fire Spider

SuperDream11-5(2).JPG (105458 bytes)

Super Orange Dream

SuperODFire3.JPG (387968 bytes)

Super Orange Dream Fire

male-1.JPG (77301 bytes)

Orange Dream Banana

10-234M-3.JPG (70634 bytes)

Orange Dream Spider Super Stripe 

SuperStar-3rdshed-3.JPG (54867 bytes)

Super Pastel Candy

Toffee2-4th shed-1.JPG (74031 bytes)

Toffee-4th Shed

toffee-1.jpg (239019 bytes)

Toffee-3rd Shed

toffee-2.jpg (236373 bytes)

Toffee-3rd Shed

toffee-3.jpg (266671 bytes)

Toffee-3rd Shed

Tiger-2.JPG (117718 bytes)


10-047F-1.JPG (98411 bytes)

Calico Fire

LesserDessertM.JPG (97932 bytes)

Desert Lesser

SuperPastelRed-1.JPG (101042 bytes)

Super Pastel Red Axanthic

IMG_1497.JPG (86825 bytes)

Bumble Bee Axanthic

IMG_1453.JPG (85057 bytes)

Lavender Albino

AlbinoLBHetRed-1.JPG (72465 bytes)

Albino Lemon Blast Het Red Axanthic

PastelLesserEnchi-2.JPG (82996 bytes)

Pastel Lesser Enchi

Spied-2.JPG (77799 bytes)

Spider Pieds

Killer-2.JPG (76842 bytes)

Killer Clown

MysticPotion-4.JPG (81573 bytes)

Mystic Potion

PastelIvoryF-5.JPG (85252 bytes)

Pastel Ivory

10-183M-2.JPG (88544 bytes)

Orange Dream Specter

ODEnchiM-1.JPG (115056 bytes)

Orange Dream Enchi

IMG_1452.JPG (93130 bytes)

Vanilla Cream

EnchiPiedF-1.JPG (106671 bytes)

Enchi Pied

EnchiPiedF-2.JPG (105994 bytes)

Enchi Pied

ODFire-1.JPG (106958 bytes)

Orange Dream Fire

DSCN0302.JPG (105335 bytes)


DSCN0315.JPG (109178 bytes)


DSCN0319.JPG (106270 bytes)


BananaF-5.JPG (105682 bytes)


Banana2-3.JPG (108506 bytes)


Banana2-4.JPG (104054 bytes)


VanillaCream-7.JPG (93130 bytes)

Vanilla Creme


GhostPied-11.JPG (58515 bytes)

Orange Ghost Pied

Mimosa-5.JPG (133907 bytes)

Mimosa (Orange Ghost Champagne)

DGM-3.JPG (89687 bytes)

Desert Ghost

DreamBee-3.jpg (64274 bytes)

Yellow Belly Orange Dream Spider

DreamBee-2.jpg (74952 bytes)

Yellow Belly Orange Dream Spider

BP8-076F-1.jpg (67289 bytes)

Red Axanthic Pastel

ODSSF-2.JPG (97864 bytes)

OD Super Stripe

IMG_7614.jpg (47120 bytes)

Albino Het Red Axanthic

EnchiLesser2.jpg (156725 bytes)

Enchi Lesser

ClownF-2.jpg (72744 bytes)

Pastel Clown

MoJoLemonBlast-2.jpg (53242 bytes)

Mojave Lemon Blast


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