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Wow, I’m just Blown Away with this Clutch. This was a surprise clutch for me. Pairing was Super ODYB Enchi Pos Pos Het Pied x Fire Fly Leopard Pos Het Pied. I WAS NOT EXPECTING PIEDS! The female was produced and purchased from one of the pioneers of the hobby, Greg Graziani. I paid top dollar for her at the Daytona show a few years back… full price, no haggling. I forgot all about the male being pos het pied as his Sire was just a pos het pied. Could not sleep last night…. wow!

OD Enchi Firefly Pied Pos YB Leopard Clutch

OD Enchi Firefly Pied Pos YB Leopard

OD Enchi Fire Pied Pos YB Leopard Clutch

This has been another amazing season here at the lab!  We are having a blast hatching all of these cool, new combos! Years of selective breeding and meticulous planning is finally starting to pay off.  There is still more amazing combos to come! Please follow us on FB and/or Instagram for regular updates.

Hope you guys are having a great season… I leave you with a couple of my favorites from this season.  Orange Dream Banana Red Stripe Specter and Super Orange Dream YB Enchi Calico.


Orange Dream Banana Redstripe Specter

Super Orange Dream YB Enchi Calico

The 2014 baby season is in full swing and we will be hatching tons of cool stuff over the next few weeks.  Check out our face book page and keep an eye on our available page. If you want to reserve an animal right after hatching, shoot me text or call.  I require a 20% deposit. Baby Ball are usually ready to ship approximately 6 weeks after hatching.

Possible Super OD YB Enchi

Possible Super OD YB Enchi

BLACK HEAD X YB Dream Bee Lesser Clutch

BLACK HEAD X YB Dream Bee Lesser Clutch

Things are going great here and we’ve already witnessed our first Ball Python ovulation! We also have at least two gravid boas and possibly a third developing.  It should be an amazing season and I am getting excited!  Here’s a few pictures of a 2013 Pastave Clown on the left and a hold-back Killer Clown male that is looking like a Killer Pastave Clown more each day… stacking genes can be tricky and although I suspected he was also Mojave I could not be certain.  Call these combos when they are the first you have ever produced is tough. I’m sure after hatching several I will gain confidence in identifying them.  The cool thing about the Pastave Clown is they get better with age and look awesome as adults.  Until next time… Oz

Pastave and Killer Pastave Clowns-1 Pastave and Killer Pastave Clowns-2


Everything is breeding great over here. We have been pummeled with three snow storms in the past 2 weeks.  The snakes love it and are breeding like crazy… considering the crappy year I had in 2013… I’m hoping for some early clutches and a killer season!

2013 wasn’t all bad and I have to be thankful for some cool animals… speaking of cool animals.  I finally figured out some of the animals in my Banana clutch from a YB Onyx to Banana… the thing about the Onyx is it doesn’t throw normal… half the offspring should be Het Red Axanthic and the other half Black Pastel…. here you have a Black Pastel YB Banana on the left and the Het Red Axanthic YB Banana on the right.

Black Pastel Banana YB and Het Red Banana YB

Black Pastel Banana YB and Het Red Banana YB