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So far we have been creating some insane Ball Morphs this year.  What you guys are witnessing is 15 years of planning and hard work coming to fruition.  What you are witnessing is the result of years and years of undying, unwavering passion.  I’m so committed to the ball python game it isn’t funny.  Back hurting, flu, tired, depressed, allergies… it doesn’t matter.  I put in work with animals. Both physical and mental work… always without fail each day… season after season after season.  Market crashes, market booms, recessions, wars, riots… it doesn’t matter man… I stay focused.  Hell, even now in the thick of baby season I’m thinking about next year.  I’m not the only one… I see a lot of you guys crushing it and producing some insane stuff! I love it…. keep it coming!

To all you guys that keep posting things like stop, slowdown, give us a chance to catch up… come on man! Really? I know some of you guys are joking, but some are genuinely discouraged. If these crazy creations don’t inspire you or get you pumped, then it doesn’t matter what I do. I could die tomorrow and you guys will be on the next guys page with the same BS. You gotta get your head right! I’m not the problem… you’re just looking for an excuse.  The only thing another breeder can do for me is get me more pumped, more excited… I love the Ball Python game. I love seeing new combos and when you guys post all those gems I’m inspired… you guys give me ideas and help me plan next years pairings.

I love watching guys who were newby customers a few years ago producing some insane clutches and making good coin.  It makes me feel good knowing I played a part in that.  Not everyone makes it though.  It’s crazy how some guys grow and blossom while others are standing still.  Why is that? Is it luck? Nope its attitude… this is the single most important factor that influences a person’s life.  Get your head right… if you see someone else doing good you should feel encouraged because it means you can also attain those things.  If you become discouraged, jealous, insecure… man your head is in the wrong place.  You will never see the opportunity or the positive in any situation.  The first problem or issue that hits you will knock you off track. So learn how to nurture and feed that passion… learn how to stay positive and look for the solution in every problem.  It’s your positive attitude that will keep you on track. Cut all the toxic people out of your life… surround yourself with positive people who are doing their thing.  Turn off the news notifications on your phone. That shit is as toxic as ever… I don’t care if you’re liberal, conservative, religious, atheist… if you want to get all riled up and pissed off, depressed and discouraged just read the news. That’s the quickest way to throw yourself off track.  Then you can go on social media and vent, get in an argument with someone who opposes your views and waste a few hours of your life on some dumb shit.  Man if I see one of my FB “Friends” post some ignorant shit I just unfollow them… I don’t unfriend them, I just unfollow them.  I don’t judge anyone, you are all entitled to your own opinions even if it is based on misinformation and half truths, lol.  So figure out what keeps you on track an do more of that… gravitate towards things that make you feel good, energetic, excited and Get Your Head Right.