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Wow, 2018 baby season is off to a great start!

Well things are really starting to heat up over here!  We have hatched some really cool combos are we are setting up new babies every day. If you are looking to add some cool new genes to your collection, give me a shout. The best way to see a current list is to text, email or PM on our Face Book page.  To help keep book keeping manageable, we try to restrict communications to these three sources. When trying to create an invoice or pull a shipping address it can get crazy. This is why I don’t use messenger, IG or other means of communication. It simply becomes overwhelming.

Remember that we offer shipping to your doorstep in the US as well as Canada. We also deliver to the Hamm show in Germany where Couriers can pick up and deliver to most European countries.  Booking couriers from the Hamm show is the customers responsibility, but if you need assistance just go to www.dutchdragonimport.com and fill out the import/export form.  DDI will take care of the rest for you.

We anticipate hatching season to run into July this season. Here’s some eye candy from the first few clutches we have hatched.


ODYB Ultramel

Super OD Black Pastel Pin (Pos YB)

ODYB Enchi Banana Pied