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Surprise OD Pied Crosses! This is what the hobby is all about.

Wow, I’m just Blown Away with this Clutch. This was a surprise clutch for me. Pairing was Super ODYB Enchi Pos Pos Het Pied x Fire Fly Leopard Pos Het Pied. I WAS NOT EXPECTING PIEDS! The female was produced and purchased from one of the pioneers of the hobby, Greg Graziani. I paid top dollar for her at the Daytona show a few years back… full price, no haggling. I forgot all about the male being pos het pied as his Sire was just a pos het pied. Could not sleep last night…. wow!

OD Enchi Firefly Pied Pos YB Leopard Clutch

OD Enchi Firefly Pied Pos YB Leopard

OD Enchi Fire Pied Pos YB Leopard Clutch