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January 19th 2014: Breeding is in full swing!

Things are going great here and we’ve already witnessed our first Ball Python ovulation! We also have at least two gravid boas and possibly a third developing.  It should be an amazing season and I am getting excited!  Here’s a few pictures of a 2013 Pastave Clown on the left and a hold-back Killer Clown male that is looking like a Killer Pastave Clown more each day… stacking genes can be tricky and although I suspected he was also Mojave I could not be certain.  Call these combos when they are the first you have ever produced is tough. I’m sure after hatching several I will gain confidence in identifying them.  The cool thing about the Pastave Clown is they get better with age and look awesome as adults.  Until next time… Oz

Pastave and Killer Pastave Clowns-1 Pastave and Killer Pastave Clowns-2