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December 14th, 2013: Breeding season is in full swing!

Everything is breeding great over here. We have been pummeled with three snow storms in the past 2 weeks.  The snakes love it and are breeding like crazy… considering the crappy year I had in 2013… I’m hoping for some early clutches and a killer season!

2013 wasn’t all bad and I have to be thankful for some cool animals… speaking of cool animals.  I finally figured out some of the animals in my Banana clutch from a YB Onyx to Banana… the thing about the Onyx is it doesn’t throw normal… half the offspring should be Het Red Axanthic and the other half Black Pastel…. here you have a Black Pastel YB Banana on the left and the Het Red Axanthic YB Banana on the right.

Black Pastel Banana YB and Het Red Banana YB

Black Pastel Banana YB and Het Red Banana YB